MIA for TWO years?

I don’t know why I was shocked as to the fact that it has been two years since I have blogged.  I see that many people I once followed have also fallen off the face of the earth.

The journey leading up to the surgery was all sunshine, gumdrops and unicorns.  I was excited and hopeful and thought my life was going to suddenly change.

Guess what?  That did not happen!  I am two and a half years post op and have been fighting my eating issues AGAIN.  They did not go away with surgery.

I would like to remind everyone that the surgery is only a TOOL. You still have to put the work into it!


Break out of your comfort zone

If you’re anything like me, you tend to lose momentum after only a few weeks into the new lifestyle changes.  Being that I have recognized this as one of my MANY weaknesses, I searched for ways to keep me motivated on a daily basis. 

 I believe that we have been conditioned that we should be able to COAST through life as much as possible and avoid any pressure situations.  We automatically gravitate towards circumstances where no one is demanding anything from us.

 Guess what? This is NOT good.  Contrary to popular belief, deep down inside, we WANT pressure!  You see, we need pressure to feel excited and passionate about life!

Pressure is not an obstacle but rather a very powerful, driving force to help us achieve our goals and ambitions.

 It is through pressure or stress that we evolve and grow. It is only through the right amount of pressure that we continue to move beyond the level of mere existence or comfort and truly begin to LIVE our lives!

 Break out of your comfort zone and analyze your pressure situations.  Are you hoping that success will just come to you? Or are you willing to work at focusing on this pressure as a force, which brings out your very best?